The Cinema of Sofia Coppola

Cover image of book The Cinema of Sofia Coppola

“This book … offers a genuinely new, vital and fascinating take on a currently neglected, or under-studied, aspect of Coppola’s oeuvre. Ferriss combines rich analysis with extensive knowledge of Coppola’s artistic influences and writes both lucidly and beautifully.” 

Anna Backman Rogers, University of Gothenburg, Sweden

“Suzanne Ferriss’s timely and lively book makes a convincing case for considering Sofia Coppola a designer as much as a director, creating beautifully fashioned story worlds.” 

Fiona Handyside, University of Exeter, UK

“This vibrant addition to the growing body of Coppola scholarship is an exquisitely detailed celebration of her luscious visual style, in the particular context of costume and fashion, photography and fame.” 

Lucy Bolton, Queen Mary, University of London, UK

“A tour de force of extensive range yet admirable clarity, The Cinema of Sofia Coppola stands apart in the rapidly expanding field of Coppola studies for its definitive demonstration of the filmmaker’s debt and contribution to fashion cultures, broadly defined.” 

Mary Harrod, Assistant Professor, University of Warwick, UK

The Cinema of Sofia Coppola will fast become the go-to reference volume for any student, scholar or cinephile interested in the films of this talented, award-winning director.” 

Hilary Radner, University of Otago, New Zealand